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Bridal Inspiration

I am always on the look out for new ideas, inspiration for my work and anything involving hairdressing. The other day I brought loads of wedding magazines, which I rarely do, as I don't have time to read through them all, and its pretty easy to scroll through instagram. I was on a long train journey and I wanted to get my teeth into new ideas and keeping myself in the loop with the business. I might be a hairdresser, but investing in what I do is very important.

This article caught my eye in Wedding Ideas Magazine. An article on "The Big Bridal Hair Dilemma", whether to have your hair up and down. I loved reading what Tracy Pallari 'TWIA South West Bridal Hairstylist 2016' had to say of her experiences. I've been on hair courses, and courses catered for weddings, and sometimes its nice to hear and relate to people who are in the same industry, that you would never really cross paths. Ideas for me to try on my bridal clients and ideas for them as well. If you are a bride and struggling to decide between having your hair up or down. Check out Tracy's article in Wedding Magazine Ideas on page 94/95 from issue 164 special 2016. It was a huge inspiration to me, and I love her work.

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