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Sharon Blain Hair Bootcamp

I had the pleasure this week to go to Ireland and attend a 3 day hair boot camp by the legendary Sharon Blain.

I have been such a huge fan of her work for some time now, and whilst I was travelling around Australia earlier this year, I thought I would go an attend a workshop, but thought it would be too distracting as I was travelling for pleasure. The opportunity had come, that she was holding a hair boot camp in Cork Ireland. Annoyingly the boot camp got cut short a day, due to this sand storm that had taken place earlier this week over the U.K. Causing flights to delay/cancel.

I was very excited to attend this boot camp, as even though I have had training with classic vintage hair styling and hair up, it wasn't something I was overly confident with. Sharon is amazing at this type of styling, and I wanted to perfect my skill from learning from the best!

The boot camp was intense. Arriving before 8am, to start for 8am, and finishing just after 5pm. There was much to learn, especially with one day down. Learning classic vintage waves, classic vintage chignons and smooth ponytails. Learning techniques, and usage of products/equipment I have never done before to achieve these looks.

Her teaching was amazing. She is a left handed hairdresser, like myself, so it was refreshing to be able to not feel like I didn't have the support I needed. There were so many people who had traveled all over Ireland and the world to attend this boot camp. She is very old school with her training, with a great sense of humor and support. Sharon knew when looking at a hairstyle, what areas you didn't do correctly without even seeing how you structured the hair together... I was amazed! She knew what she wanted from you and I loved it, as I am a perfectionist. I am very hard on myself and expect to get everything right first time trying. Even though I found it hard when things didn't go well straight away, I was guided on how to improve that for next time.

I went away learning so much. This woman is truly talented, and I feel like it has completely changed the way I style hair. I invested so much money into travelling to Ireland, staying over and attending this boot camp. Investing a lot of money into the boot camp, it was definitely one of the best hair style training I have had, and has given me so much more confidence.

Anyone looking into doing that kind of hair style training, I would highly recommend!

I cannot wait to use the techniques and knowledge I have learn't into my own work.

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