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Wedding Hair trials

I have been styling Bridal Hair for 8 years. Whether it is from working in a salon, to being freelance and travelling wherever the wedding may take me. I thought it would be really good for me to give you an idea of what to expect from your wedding hair trial and getting the most from it. Tips to help you prepare for your wedding hair trial, or questions you maybe having whilst organizing your wedding.

When to have your wedding hair trial?

Firstly, I will always recommend to have a wedding hair trial 4-6 weeks before your wedding date. A lot of brides get very excited, which is very understandable, and want to have a wedding hair trial ASAP to trial out looks or to see if I'm the right hairstylist for them.

I have experienced over the years of styling wedding hair, when arranging a trial months or even a year before the wedding date that brides tend to put more pressure on themselves than they need. We do a wedding hair trial, they overthink the looks, which is absolutely fine, as it's your wedding day and for some girls, hair is a big thing. They change their mind or ask everyone else's opinion, which is completely natural as they have never experienced anything like this before. I've been happy to hold another wedding trial closer to the date to ensure that it is the right hairstyle for them.

I've had brides put pressure on me and not listened to my professional opinion, about booking a wedding hair trial when I think is most suitable for them. Which makes me feel bad as all I would like for them to is to enjoy the whole experience.

Why have a wedding hair trial 4-6 weeks before your wedding?

I've learnt over the years that having your wedding hair trial 4-6 weeks before the wedding date is an ideal time to trial out hairstyles.

You have your final wedding dress fitting's, you collect your veil (if you are wearing one on your day). Which is always good to have for when you trial out hair styles. This gives you time to trial your hair looks in between your fitting's or even when you go for your final fitting, to visualise the overall look.

From the time of booking your wedding to your wedding date your hair may change. You might be changing your hair colour, or growing your hair. Some brides may choose to wear hair extensions for length or volume. Which could be clip in's or permanent. This is all to take into factor when choosing a hairstyle, and achieving the best for you and your overall look.

How long is a wedding hair trial?

A wedding hair trial is a very relaxed two hour booking, if any time over the two hours, there will be an additional cost which you can find on my price list. In that time there will be plenty enough time to achieve a couple of hair looks.

What to expect at a wedding hair trial?

During a wedding hair trial, I like to get to know you. Find out how you wear your hair on a daily basis, how you wear your hair for a special occasion. What you don't like about your hair when styled, or if there is any questions you may have discuss what you'll be wearing on your wedding day, veil, hair accessories.

We'll go through one or two looks. Sometimes too many looks can get quite confusing and brides get very undecided on what to go for.

We'll take the time to see how you feel with the look, if it compliments you, if its comfortable to wear and is secure. I'll take pictures that you can look through after, see if you feel happy with the overall look or if there's anything you're not sure of then we can make adjustments. Plus it's really good to have image's as a reference for myself as well on your wedding day.

We'll discuss bridesmaids looks, mother of the bride etc.

I'll advise on hair treatments you might need, or any hair colour enhancement to compliment your wedding hairstyle.

Go through any questions you may have regarding the day itself, timings etc.

What to prepare for a wedding hair trial?

Wash hair either the night or the day before. Makes it easier for hairstylists to style hair as sometimes hair can be quite soft. I know some people prefer not to, as they are conscious if their hair is greasy. Hairstyles or curls won't last as long.

Never freshly wash hair that day, unless you're having a blowdry. That is more time that will be added to your wedding hair trial.

Please provide pictures of hairstyles you may have in mind. It will make it easier on the wedding hair trial. Please consider your hair colour and length when selecting looks. Pinterest boards or saved instagram posts are perfect!

If you have hair extensions, accessories or a veil, please make sure they are ready for the day.

Hair images of your bridesmaids or bridal party would be much appreciated, and images of what they will be wearing.

Who can be at a wedding hair trial?

A lot of brides like to have someone at their wedding hair trial. Whether it maybe their mum, or a bridesmaid for their opinion or support. Some brides like it just to be them.

I advise not to have a lot of people to be at the wedding hair trial. It's time for me to get to know you, and sometimes too many opinions can be a bit full on. One or two people is just the amount you would like to be there. Someone that can be openly honest with you, who is not going to be harsh or critical and very supportive at the same time.

Where will the trial take place?

Wedding hair trials will take place of where you will feel most comfortable. Whether it might be at your home, or a friends/relatives. Sometimes brides prefer their other half to be out of the way, haha.

Sadly I don't have a studio for brides to have a wedding hair trial as I am freelance.

After a wedding hair trial...

Wedding hair trials can get very emotional and overwhelming which is completely natural. Everything you have planned or dreamed of is coming together. I advise my brides to not to over think about the wedding hair trial. Just enjoy the rest of the day. Some brides like to wear the hair for the rest of the day, especially if they have a wedding fitting appointment straight after.

Remember that you are wearing the outfit your wearing that day, so that could be a t-shirt and jeans. You haven't got your makeup done or wearing your wedding dress, so it is a little hard to visualize the total look all together.

Try not to look at the hair images too much or other hair looks, even if its for a couple of days, so you can properly digest everything in.

Not forgetting to enjoy the whole build up to your wedding!

Any questions you may have, please don't hesitate to get in contact

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