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Beauty LaunchPad April 2018


I had the amazing privilege to have one of my hairstyles featured in @BeautyLaunchPad Magazine.

The ponytail is still one of the strongest looks out at the moment, and I cannot get enough of them. This is one of my favorite ponytail looks. Creating the base of the ponytail, but continuing the remaining of the hair with bubble braids. With every bubble braid I finished each one with an infinity braid, to create an alternative finish.

If you don't have hair the same length as Model Nina, in the image above. You can add hair extensions into the main ponytail itself to create the length and volume.

To help achieve this look. I blow dried 'Perfect Setting' by @wellahairuk, into the hair, creating volume and texture to help with structuring the ponytail.

Lightly teasing the hair with my fingers to help with that height through the main ponytail and each bubble braid.

Each bubble I sprayed with 'Dry me, dry shampoo' by @wellahairuk to help with forming the structure of the braid. This product is perfect as its not too heavy, and helps with backcombing.

Finishing the look off with Mistify me hairspray.

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