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First Hair Workshop

The day had finally come, I was holding my very own Hair workshop.

I had been asked for a while by hairstylists and makeup artist's to hold some hair workshops from different areas of the UK. I am originally from The Midlands, a town called Nuneaton. I thought I would hold my first hair workshop showcasing a couple of my signature hair looks at the salon I used to work at, Exclusively Yours Hair & Beauty in Nuneaton.

It was a lot to prepare for as I've never done anything like this before.

Advertising, workshop booklets, training heads, stands and hair equipment. Food, drinks etc.

The day consists of a light breakfast when everyone arrives, and getting to know everyone's backgrounds with hair, and where they work etc. Going through with demonstrations in the mornings of the looks we will cover. How to prep the hair, to achieve those looks and taking everything at a steady pace to ensure everyone understands. Lunch followed by hands on recreating the mornings looks. Boho Braid's, curling, setting and up-do's.

Ending the day with top tips, social media and hair picture tips. Going over what we covered to ensure everyone feels confident with what everyone has learn't.

It was such a lovely day getting to know everyone who attended, locally and students who traveled far. Everyone went away from the workshop learning so much. Techniques and skills they hadn't done before which I felt proud about. I am a big perfectest with how I learn, and I wanted everyone to enjoy learning, feeling comfortable and understanding what they are doing. Everyone who attended had given amazing feedback, that they loved the size of the class, it was well structured, the styles were exactly what they wanted to learn. They attended the workshop as it was different to what they has seen before, which was lovely to hear that I am doing something current and fresh.

I am so happy with the results that everyone credited, and can't thank everyone who attended to being apart of this journey with me. Making my first workshop a joy to teach, which helped... haha.

I cannot wait to see what they recreate from what they have learn't and I am really looking forward to holding more at Exclusively Yours in Nuneaton, and more over the UK in the coming months.

If you are interested in attending one of my workshops, please feel free to get in contact.

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