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London Wella Masterclass

I have been trained in Wella since I started hairdressing, product knowledge and colour. I love their products, and over the past few months developed a really good relationship with the brand.

I was given the most amazing opportunity to hold my very own, first masterclass at Wella World Studio, London. I have been doing my workshops over the past few months but never a masterclass, which has been very daunting and exciting, even though I was really looking forward to it. Especially to showcase my work and teach people who want to learn new techniques and hairstyles.

I organised 4 hair models to showcase 4 different hair looks. A makeup artist friend, Gigi to compliment the girls hair looks, and photographer friend Rebecca Spencer to capture the behind the scenes.

There was so much to do, with organizing tickets, looks, outfits, planning how Wella Studios venue would look on the evening. Food, drinks, ensuring everyone knew where they were going and what time for the models/make up/photography and most importantly the students who were attending.

Prior to the event, as the masterclass was held in the evening. I prepped the hair before hand to ensure that the masterclass was just styling and so I had more time to get into great detail with each look than curling and waving hair on stage. Every prepped look had a step by step guide on how I achieved the prepped look via insta story. Boomerangs, videos, top tips on how to get the best by using @wellahairuk hair products and @ghdhair. Curling, waving and blowdrying.

There was a lot of pressure to ensure that each hair was prepped well and the insta stories were in great detail, and eye capturing at the same time. It was also a recap for those who attended the masterclass to go through after, to see how each finished look that they saw style was achieved before hand... even though everything was explained in detail when the hair was presented on stage. Some learners prefer to see things visually.