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Balmain Competition Winner

A few weeks ago I launched a competition for one lucky person to win a set of Balmain Soft Micro Ring hair Extensions, up to 150 strands of 40cm hair.

I had loads of people enter and I was really excited from the begining. Getting people to like and share my facebook status, to drawing out the name in a hat.

The lucky winner was Harriet from North London.

I have never met Harriet before, but she found my status through people sharing it.

Harriet had never heard of Balmain hair extensions nor had any type of extensions applied before, apart from clip in.

I met up with Harriet a week ago, and went through a consultation, telling her about Balmain hair, what type of method we will be using, how to maintain and the process of the up keep. I made sure she was ok to go through the service, and that her hair will be fine for it. I asked if she had any questions as it was her first time having hair extensions applied to her before and wanted to make sure that she fully aware about everything as we wanted it to be perfect. We were both excited straight and couldn't wait to order the hair and book a date.

Here is a before and after picture of the result.

With the 150 strands it's given Harriet extra volume and length. Harriet's hair is long but the Balmain has given that instant lift and glam finish.

Can't wait to see how she gets on well with maintaining her hair in a few weeks time.

Will keep you updated!

Any questions about Balmain, either check out my "Balmain Page" or feel free to inbox me.


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