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Today I had the most amazing privilege to do a insta story take over for the instagram account 'Maneaddicts'.

I was approached to create a couple of my boho looks and how I go about achieving those looks.

I hired a study in London, I organised two models, Samantha Fisher and Kate Waldron, and makeup artist friend Jourdan Walker.

Credit to @wellahairuk for providing products for me to use on the insta story take over. @Tangleteezer for the styling brushes, and @BelleandBuntyLondon for the boho dresses.

It was a very daunting, but amazing experience I have ever done.

I went through my kit bag, of what I use on a day to day basis to style hair for shoots, brides and events etc. Products, hair accessories and hair extensions. Things that a lot of people who follow me had questions about on what I use, and was lovely to credit the brands that I am involved with who constantly support me.

Jourdan created two amazing make up looks on my models, which you can find more on her page @makeupwithjourdan Which complimented the hairstyles beautifully.

I created two completely different looks. Going through step by step, on how achieve them by using the hair equipment and hair products correctly, that you wouldn't get shown in a youtube video. Little tips on how to achieve the best from the styles on different hair types.

I then showcased the styles with videos and final images.

Concluded the day with any questions that stylists may have had, on any tips or advice.

I hope everyone enjoyed it, who ever watched my insta story take overs. I had such lovely comments and support from so many of you, which I really appreciate. Hopefully it is something I will do in the future.

Please check out my instagram of the looks I created.

Thank you again

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