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Amy Nev Fashion Diaries

I had the pleasure to do the hair for Amy Nev Fashion Diaries. For Amy's new website, where she'll be telling you what she wears, and what goes on behind the scenes of her blog shoots. Amy has worked hard to get where she is through modelling and blogging and I am very happy and I can't wait for the launch of her new website.

On this shoot I did several looks for "Amy Wears".

The denim look I created a very preppy style. Prepping her hair with loose curls using Mark Hill Hair FREEZE HOLD hairspray and using my new favorite styling tool THE FREELANCER, which is a new Cordless Straightener from I have been in search for a styling tool that I can take with me on location shoots, like the one I have worked on with Amy. It is perfect to carry around with you, and doesn't take too much room, which is a bonus when carrying a lot of hair equipment with you, and the bonus is NO WIRE OR ELECTRICAL POINT NEEDED. The Freelancer lasts up to 45 minutes, and needs to be charged for 3 hours, as you would do with a pair of free hold clippers. If you're worried about time, The Freelancer has 4 blue lights, which indicate your countdown of styling time. Each blue light that does off, represents every 10 minutes that you have used. Amazing right?

Finishing Amy's Hairstyle incorporating three braids going into a Top-Knot. Perfect to finish this look, from head to toe.

One of the other looks I created was a tousled hairstyle into two textured low knots. Simple and effective with this white sweatshirt from

Keep up to date on instagram for the future looks, and I will keep updated with Amy's NEW WEBSITE :)

Photography done by

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