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My First Wedding Hair Abroad

I've been doing Gemma's hair all in total three and a half years. Starting by doing her hair for weddings, whether she was a guest for a wedding or a bridesmaid. Then continued by doing regular cuts and colour's.

When Gemma asked me to do her hair for her wedding I was so happy to be considered. She had been to Italy for her trials and knew it didn't feel right to not have me to do her hair for her special day. She felt comfortable for me to be the person to do it for her as I know her hair and wasn't going to be a language barrier.

We arranged the dates for trials and the big day. Gemma paid for flights and transfers. We had a year to plan.

Gemma shown me her dress, which I had to keep confidential. A hair accessory she was having made for the day. We discussed ideas how we could tie a hairstyle in with hair accessory and the dress. Thinking about the theme of the wedding being set in Italy, and wanting her hair to be different to what she has had before. Gemma trusted my judgement and left me to be creative with it.

Her dress was lace and had a low back. I knew we had to show off the elegant features. The hair accessory she had made was simple with Grecian detailing, made by www,

I went a classic vintage look, as Gemma has gorgeous long thick hair, it was perfect fit for this style. She had no added extensions or hair pieces were needed for this.

Her hair was washed the day before, left naturally to dry with a light mousse. Prepped in the morning by Babyliss Curling tongues, to create the texture and movement, supported with a light spray of Wella Hair spray to give a firm hold, but easy to manipulate the curls and sculpt into the style.

Starting the style with a strong quiff, and finger wave. Smooth on the crown and low curls intertwined at the back with finger-waves continuing into them. This texture fitted the style of the dress perfectly. Something eye catching, soft and simple. With her accessory giving it a clean finish.

It was definitely one of my favourite wedding hairs to do. It was a pleasure to be apart of, and even travelling to Italy. The scenery was breath taking, with a lovely calm atmosphere, even from the bride.

Thank you to Silvia from, for organizing an amazing wedding, from transfers, to every little detail on the day. I look forward to working with you again.

Thank you Gemma for my pandora bracelet, I love it, and giving me the opportunity to be apart of your special day. You look absolutely gorgeous!

Here is the final look from the day.

Any questions relating to weddings, please don't hesitate to be in touch

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