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Cornwall Wedding

I recently received these images from a wedding I did earlier this year in Cornwall.

It was one of my favorite weddings, not only to do the brides hair, the view and to be part of the wedding. My Bride Mina looks stunning and she was happy with her wedding hair on her big day.

Mina trusted my judgement on what would suit her, and given me free reign as she doesn't usually wear her hair up for special occasions. During her trial I recommended hair accessories that would suit the hairstyle, the style of her dress and the theme of her wedding.

Mina has gorgeous natural curls, and I wanted to enhance and soften them as she was wearing a lace top piece on her dress. Creating this tousled bun with height and loose bits round the front of her face was the perfect look for her.

Anymore information about wedding hair, please don't hesitate to be in touch.

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