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Working with Campbell wigs

I have recently been approached by campbell wigs to help with one of their clients who suffers with alopecia. I felt it was an priveledge to work with campbell wigs not only because of the quality of work thats been put into the handmade peices/wigs, but to help the clients as well. Together with campbell wigs, creating the hair piece which fits on the area of thinning hair to add extra volume. And myself fitting, cuting and styling the piece into the clients hair, we both made the client feel really happy.

Here are some before and after images of the amazing work that has been created.

Campbell wigs used 100% human hair, matched measurements, texture and shade to cater for the client.

All homemade pieces are made to be catered to match measure, texture and shade.

For anymore information, email:-

All information is 100% confidential

I look forward to working with them again.

before and after hair loss with piece.jpg

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