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Welsh Open Hairdressing Championships 2017

I am so happy and proud to announce I have won my FIRST ever hairdressing competition.

I have been hairdressing for over 11 years and I have never won a hairdressing competition. If I've ever entered a hairdressing competition, it's never been a place or second or third place. Which is still an amazing achievement but still disheartening at the same time.

I entered the competition the day of the closing date, uming and arghing if to enter or not, as the competition was in Wales. Thinking if I could enter as I live in England, and not Wales.

I asked my model friend Samantha Fisher if she was available, and would be able to drive from London to Wales, as I know its a big commitment, but really means the world to be apart of this hairdressing competition.

I planned the hairstyle I was going to style, planned the dress for 'The Bride' hairdressing competition. (Dress) from boohoo.

The competition day had arrived. I driven to Cardiff from Leeds, as I was celebrating my friends house move the day before... slightly hungover.

We arrived minutes before the competition was about to start. We had issues with the dress doing up. Hair had to be prepped before (pre curled) As you can imagine, it was a little tense and daunting.

There was about 25 people who had entered the competition. We were all had a section eac