Assessors Award

Over the past few months I had been travelling back and forth from London to Coventry to go my assessors award qualification. This is something I had wanted to do for a couple of years, but I wanted to get more experience as a hairstylist first.

Why an assessors award? I had already done some 1:2:1 hair training with other hairstylists, and felt like I wanted to have more experience in being able to prepare for a lesson. Know about different types of learners, and be more confident in delivering a lesson.

Why CWT? I went to CWT to complete my Level 1,2,3 and 4 in hairdressing.

I had looked into other colleges in London and found that none of them were suited for what I wanted to achieve. I contacted my teacher Jayne, at CWT to see if they still did the program after I left, and lucky for me they did. I felt more comfortable knowing I was being supported by my hairdressing teacher who taught me whilst becoming a hairdresser.

What is an assessors award? An assessors award is a qualification to be able to assess hairdressing students in colleges and salons. Support them through their hairdressing qualification, give them goals to achieve their qualification and teach them the methods how to get there.