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Samantha Fisher Test Shoot

I had the pleasure to be asked to style Samantha's hair for a test shoot. I've styled Samantha's hair for a couple of hair competitions and for general imagery for myself. When she asked me to be apart of the test shoot, and I knew it was organised through a modelling agency I am also represented by. I thought it would be a really good opp

opportunity to be apart of.

The style of the shoot was beauty. It was organised by photographer Joelene David (Instagram @joelenekylie), who captured this imagine or Samantha.

Make up was by Louise Connor who created a fresh, natural look for Samantha.

Hair by myself, tonguing the hair with Babyliss hair curlers, pinning and leaving to cool down. Samantha has really long thick hair, so I wanted to make sure that the curls were going to last during the shoot. Prepping the hair with Mark Hill Hairspray Freeze Hold Hairspray, and spraying whilst all pinned and cooling down.

Unpinning the curls, from the back, and gently brushing the curls into style, lightly spraying with Mark Hill Extreme Freeze Hold Hairspray. Gradually up towards the crown, and front towards Samantha's face.

I loved the look we all created, and I look forward to working with the team again in the future.

You can find more of the images we created on our social media pages.

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