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Tiffany Watson

Social media is a powerful thing in this day in age.

I was very taken back when I received an email from Tiffany Watson, who stars in the reality Tv show, "Made In Chelsea", asking if I could do her hair. Instantly it was a yes from me, and I was fascinated how she came about to finding my work, let a lone my email address.

Tiffany asked for a simple updo, which would complement her outfit for filming Made In Chelsea, and for drinks after for a friends birthday celebrations. Tiffany wanted something that was soft and loose movement round her face, and the rest to be styled up.

I prepped Tiffany's hair with Mark Hill curling tongues, to create texture and volume round the front and the crown area. I used The Freeze Hold Hairspray to help with creating this texture.

After the hair was prepped with curls, I parted her hair in two sections at the back, and secured them both with ponytails. With the ponytails, I created two braids, which would create a lovely texture and secure hold, as Tiffany was to wear the style for the whole day, so it had to be something that had to last. Pulling the braids out to make them look thicker and fuller, pinning into place and forming a low chignon look. With the rest of the hair I sprayed with Mark Hill Freeze Hold Hairspray, loosely teasing bits of hair to create volume and texture on the crown area, and round the front and side.

Finishing off with smoothing over with Mark Hill Salon Result Straighteners to loosen the curls to make them look a little more softer round the front of Tiffany's face.

Tiffany was happy with her look, and it looked amazing with her attire.

Here is the final looks, I hope you like them and keep an eye out for them on TV!

I look forward to working with Tiffany again in the future.

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