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New Vlogger in Town

The past few months friends of mine have been telling me to get into video vlogging. Which I was taken back by as I don't really like speaking in front of camera, as I don't like my voice and find it quite uncomfortable. But my friends reasured me that they think I would be really good at it with all that I do. Regarding a full time hairdresser going into freelance hairdressing and starting a profession with modelling. But not only that, the other things that come with it, the preasure of it all, travelling, behind the scenes of how I get work, and how far i've come since I started it all.

Writing isn't my strongest aspect nor is speaking infront of a room full of people or on camera. Even if I do modelling and have to send/do casting videos.

I have seen some vloggers, for the likes of Jim Chapman, who have done so well with it all and it daunts on me to actually have the courage to do it. As I watched their videos and see what they talk about, how they keep their subcribers intetested for 15 minutes plus. I know I can ramble and chat a load of bubbles, but it taken me a few months to pluck up the courage and start this whole knew experience.

I don't know where I am going with it all. I know what sort of things i'd like to talk about and what my friends have suggested for me to do and tell. But this whole new experience will be a learning curve. Concouring my fears of speaking clearly and properly on camera. Using imovie, recording, editing and structuring how I am going to do these videos.

I hope that these videos will be able to help with my confidence, and some what get people interested and find out who I am. Other than just an image or a job title on a piece of paper.

You can find me on youtube and subcribe my page. I appreicate any feed back as I am a perfectionist and don't like to offend or fail in what I do. And I hope that they are, some what entertaining.

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