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Sarah Ashcroft Meet and Greet // PAN-N-ICE

I love working with this girl and styling her hair for any occasion. Sarah is always open to new ideas and different looks to suit her attire.

I got asked to come along and style her hair for her "Meet and Greet" at PAN-N-ICE, Stratford, Westfield. If you are about in the Stratford Westfield area, you've got to go and check out the ice cream... they are amazing! Turning cheese cake or Ferreo Rocher into ice cream.

Sarah was wearing a biker girl style look. Jeans, white tee and studded black leather jacket.

We've been loving the braids recently and wanted something to tie in perfect with her attire for her meet and greet.

I created a look, which I separated Sarah's hair in a just off centre parting. Starting with an upside down, and plaiting to the nape of the neck. Tying it with a hair tie, then finishing the rest of the ponytail with a fishtail braid. Leaving a strand of hair at the top, where I tied the hair, and wrapping it round the bobble. Doing the same on the other side. I finished off by teasing the braid to make it look more fuller. Using Mark Hill Freeze Hold Hairspray to smooth any fly away hairs.

I hope you like the look we created, and hope to see you at her next meet and greet.

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