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Mother of the bride

I love how I can get creative with hair. Molding and sculpting into a style, seeing it transform, even if it is something quite simple.

Mother of the brides usually get quite nervous when it comes to their daughters weddings, one being when it comes down to their hair. Most have a blowdry and don't want much of a fuss, then theirs some mothers of the brides who don't like change and stick with something old fashioned.

I loved with my mother of the bride that she was open to suggestions. I knew she had a fasincator. Amazing thick hair I could work with, even though she is fortunate to have a lovely amount of hair. With the style we were aiming for, I suggested about a hair piece, to give it that bit of volume. Sometimes hair can look thick when its down, but when put up and into a style, can need something a little extra to make the style pop.

Thanks to Balmain elegance range, this piece brought the style to life. Pre curled, pinned and with the hair piece blending in well with its pre wave texture.

The hair piece is well priced, and can be used on more than one occasion if maintained and looked after properly.

A low heat can be used to bend the ends. The hair piece is attached by a clip, which my client found comfortable and didn't feel like it was going to fall out. My client would of never thought of wearing a hair piece and can't wait to wear it again for another special occasion. She loved it and was really happy with the result of her hair, and hair piece.

Here is a before and after picture of my clients hair, pre curled without the hair piece and one with it styled.

For more information, please don't hesitate to ask any quesitons.

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