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New Lefty Scissors

I was so happy yesterday when I brought these.

Best scissors I have ever used. A hairdressers scissors is the most important tool they need. Without a good pair of scissors you won't be able to get those shapes lines you want on your cuts, that texture and shaping. It's important only to use them on hair and nothing else, keeping them safe and maintained, sharpened etc.

I find it hard to get a decent pair of scissors as I am left handed, and there is very few pairs of left handed scissors compared to right handed. Not only that it could do with how they feel when you cut, the size, the blade, off set and straight. Something that alot of people who don't know much about hairdressing won't realise the effort and sometimes the money that goes into buying a pair of scissors to do an amazing service.

Can't wait to do more hair cutting with these :)


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