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Amy Neville

I always love styling Amy Neville's hair for her social media pages. She is always up for new and fresh ideas, that'll complement her outfits. Whether it'll be cute and pretty, edgey, and sassy.

With Amy, there is never just a couple of outfits on her shoots, or bags/accessories. But that is what makes it fun and interesting, making styles up on the spot, throwing things together that'll work. We always have fun, and there is always some drama/story to tell haha.

The looks I created for Amy was a cute, sassy ponytail. Which is simple but can look glam or edgy, depending on the attire. Whether you leave some tousled bits down round the face, or have it sleek back.

One of the other looks I created, was another ponytail style with a braid incorporated on one side of the head. Giving the ponytail a little twist to it.

The final look was big, sassy hair. To complete her sexy red suit by Millie Mackintosh. Using Mark Hill products and equipment to create these looks.

BTS images by photographer Margarita Karenkon

Please find more images of my instagram over the coming weeks.

I look forward to working with Amy and Margarita again to create more amazing images.

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