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What Sarah Ashcroft does in the gym

I hope you enjoyed the "Come to work out with Sarah Ashcroft" video.

To keep it all exciting, we've changed the hairstyle up for "What Sarah Ashcroft does in the gym" video, with LDNM. We still wanted something that was workout friendly, but with an edge. We loved the braids, so we went with something with a twist.

I prepped the hair with Mark Hill Curling wand, to give a little texture/volume round the front, and texture on the ends of her hair. Using Mark Hill Freeze Hold Hairspray to set the hair. I didn't want to create something that was "too done", and still needed to complement Sarah's features, even whilst working out. From the crown, I created a fishtail braid, bringing in the front and sides of the hair towards the crown and the back of the head. I braided half way down and left the rest, whilst finishing the rest of the braid to the ends. I collected the rest of the hair and gathered it all into a ponytail, leaving a strand of hair to wrap round the ponytail. Finishing the look off with Freeze Hold hairspray, pulling out bits slightly from the front of the ponytail to create more of a texture, and separating the ends of the ponytail to not look too done.

Here is the finished look. I am really happy with this look, and so was Sarah. The look got regrammed on Mark Hill's social media, and Tangle Teezer. Which we both were really happy about, as we love to inspire people with the hairstyles we've achieved for Sarah's look books.

I've attached the final video of "What Sarah does in the gym".

I hope you like the look I created, and enjoy the work out!

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