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Inheaven Music Video TREATS

I had the pleasure to style these beauty's hair for InHeaven Music Video 'Treats'.

The idea behind the look for the video was cheerleaders dancing at an American Football Game. We went for something that wasn't going to be all cute like your typical Bring It on style cheerleaders. Something to fit the song that had a bit of sass too it. I created four different looks for the cheerleaders, all having movement and texture. These girls were a dream to work with, they all had really easy hair to work with, and lovely natural movement to their hair. It was enhancing their natural movement to their hair or adding more volume/texture.

From Left > Right

Bella had lovely naturally curly hair. I scrunch dried her hair with a light hair mousse on the roots to give a little structure and volume, then added Mark Hill Moroccan oil serum on the ends to take away any flullyness. Finishing off with Paul Mitchell Freeze And Shine