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Come training with Sarah Ashcroft

Its always a pleasure working with one of my favourite influences.

I was asked by Sarah Ashcroft to style her hair for a two part video for her gym workout.

Sarah was working with LDNM collaborating a workout that can be done whilst you're at the gym, or something that you can do at home.

The look we were going for in the first video had to be eye catching, but something that would be easy for when you go for a work out. I braided Sarah's hair into boxer braids, which tied in perfectly with what she was going for. It had an edge to it and was perfect for going for a work out at the gym. Finishing the look with Mark Hill Freeze Hold Hairspray.

Please find the attached images of the look we created, and the first part of her work out video.

I hope you enjoy and stay turned for her next look.

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