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Mark Hill Hair Goodies

This week I've had the most amazing opportunity appointed too me. Mark Hill had seen my work via instagram and with the blogger influence's I had been working with over the past few months. They emailed me praising me about my work and if I wanted to become a Mark Hill brand ambassador. I was in total shock as this would open so many opportunities for my hairdressing career.

It is really rewarding that I am being acknowledged for my work and the people I am working within the industry. I feel proud as a freelancer, that I've done this by myself with the supporting artists who have been apart of my journey as a freelance hairdresser. I feel proud as its taken me over three and a half years to get to where I am. Doing what I've always dream't of doing whilst working in salon. Most hairstylists would have a name behind them, that they are associated with, which is something I could do, and may do. But I am proud to have control of what I do and the achievements I've done by myself and for myself only.

I was sent this suitcase full of goodies, which I cannot wait to use! I am already familiar with most of their products, but haven't had chance to use any of their electrical equipment.

Keep a look out for all the creative hairstyles I do with the Mark Hill Products and equipment.

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