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2017 Weddings

I am back from an amazing trip from Australia, and ready to get organised for my Bridal Party Hair this year! I am so excited for the year ahead.

Each year, the wedding parties keep doubling. A couple of years ago I would have two weddings book in at the beginning of the year, and ended up with four weddings. Last year I originally had four weddings booked in and in total had over ten weddings booked in for Bridal Hair. This year, I am excited to say that I have Eleven weddings booked in for Bridal Hair, and I know that this is only the beginning of the year! I could jinx it now, but I am really organised with my Bridal Hair clients, to ensure that I fit their needs as it is a big day for them and want everything to run smoothly, running up to the day, and on the day.

I am so excited as I have weddings booked all over the country, Wales, Cornwall, Kent, Bath Spa to name a few and even another booked abroad to the South Of France. I am willing to travel wherever the wedding venue is, and love making a Bride feel special on her day.