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Wella Rose Gold Hair Competition

Thank you Wella Hair for making me your Rose Gold Competition Winner.

Here is the look I created.

I love the three dimensional tones that run through my clients hair, and my client is very happy with the result.

To achieve this look I pre lightened my clients hair with Blondor Freelights and 9%, leaving a bit of root to soften off the look and easy for maintenance for my client.

Leaving to develop for 30 minutes, and making sure the the colour has evenly developed.

Rinsing the Blondor until clear.

Gently towel drying to get the excess water and then toning: A.) ILLUMINA COLOR 9/43 + Welloxon Perfect 6% B.) ILLUMINA COLOR 10/05 + Welloxon Perfect 9%

Sectioning in four equal sections. Starting from the back, working towards the temple, using (A) slightly away from the root area and (B) on the mid-length and ends. Leaving to develop for 40 minutes.

Rinse, and using one of my new favourite products Elements Shampoo and Conditioner, which smells amazing and leaves the hair feeling fresh and light.

Sharpening the ends off with a fresh cut. Finishing the style off with a blowdry using the natural movement with the hair and smoothing the curls out to give extra shine. Using sugar lift to add texture.

To find out a detailed step by step from the Wella team, check out The Rose Gold Ecaille Technique on their website:-

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