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Fashion Pirate

I had the pleasure to style this lovely and inspiring ladies hair for her blog posts. We also got some behind the scenes footage of me braiding Zeynab's (Fashion Pirate) hair.

We went with two cute braids, as the style she was going for was quite preppy. Zeynab has lovely long hair, and had an row of clip in extensions in the back of her hair for extra length and volume for the her braids. When braiding hair, even if you have long hair, sometimes your hair can look shorter when braided, and even thin.

In the video I use techniques to make the braid thicker than it actually is. The braid I am doing in the video is a upside down braid. An upside down braid, if you're not familiar of the term, is when the braid is sitting out, instead of under and you can see the detailing of the braid more.

Thank you to Rebecca Spencer for filming this video for me, and it was lovely braiding and styling this lovely bloggers hair.

I hope you enjoy!

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