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Amy Nev Fashion Diaries

I love working with Model/Blogger Amy Neville and Fashion Photographer Rebecca Spencer.

Creating different looks with hair, movement, look, styles and fashion trends.

I love the vibes of these three different look.

From Left > Right

I loved Amy's outfit attire. We wanted to keep it simple. Creating loose waves with my favourite electrical hair equipment "The Freestyler" by Glamoriser, and finishing the look off with two cute plaits at the front... look at that hair fleakkk!!!

The second look, we wanted to show of the jewelry. I pinned the two plaits we created in the previous look, back. Creating a simple but effective look.

Third but not least, one of my favourite looks!

Two simple braids, finished off with a twist. Ending the rest of the braid with a fishtail braid.

To find out more about these outfits, check out

Photography by

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