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Assessors Award Qualification

I always love to learn, as I feel its important to always keep developing yourself as a person and hairdresser. After I finished my training as a hairdresser and level 3, I shortly after taken up my PTTLS course. Which is an introductory to teaching. Learning how to lesson plan, different types of learning styles and how to achieve the best from the students needs.

I wanted to do my assessors award, but was advised by my teacher to not rush into it as it so soon after my PTTLS.

Doing my assesors award is something I've wanted to do for a while, but with a busy lifestyle, with hairdressing and modelling I wanted to make sure I put enough side and was in the right position to do it. I am a person who has to do everything yesterday, and not with having a fear with age, but something i'd like to achieve in my mid-late 20's. I've always strongly believed that if you were to teach hairdressing that you should have a wide experience behind you in the industry. Experience with years, different skills from cutting, colouring, styling, gents hair, hair up, extensions, session styling, catwalk show and so one. I look at my training, whilst becoming a hairdresser, at what inspired me. What given me the motivation to achieve things and what my teacher was like to motivate me. All the things I have been taught by my teacher and what I still hear in the back of my head now, whilst cutting, colouring, hairstyling etc. Their voice in the back of my head of what I have been taught or inspired by.

I don't want to be a hairdressing teacher, even though people have said I'd be really good at teaching. I've helped train apprentices in salons whilst working in them, as I love to help develop young hairdressers skills and experience, and have had people approach me to train them how to put hair up.

I believe that if you'd like to own your own salon, which hopefully I will one day. That you should be a teacher, or have the knowledge behind you. To know the knowledge how to present your skills, assess how they are developing as hairdressers, and how to handle certain situations.

I have taken up my Assessors Award at my old College in Coventry, CWT Chamber Training. Where I know I can benefit a lot from, as they know me as a person, watch me grow as a hairdresser and know how I learn.

My course is different to what my Pttls was, loads more writing and tests involved. Assessing two students over the development of their hairdressing unit. A lot of it is refreshing my memory as to when I was training to become a hairdresser, and to when I was doing my Pttls.

I am loving this new journey I am going through with my assessors award, it is mind testing and is an amazing experience to have. I am excited to see where I go with it after, or where it will take me. It is another string to my bow, as the saying goes.

I will keep you posted on how I get on. Please keep up to date on my instagram feed/ insta story.

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